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Donation of the Holy Thorn MUTTON (EASTER TIME AND FROM August 15)

Built in the highest part of a hill overlooking the confluence of the Tiber and Carpina, Ram is a small medieval village perfectly preserved and unchanged for centuries. Massive walls surrounding the town and give it the same look austere,unnamedbut embellished by svettar its bell towers. The narrow winding streets meander and alternate with wide staircases that go through the historical center. Its origin dates back to the tenth century, and already in 1121 the fortified village, albeit under the direct control of Perugia, had the opportunity to give the statutes and administer public through its elders.

The events of Montone followed the fate of the family alternates Fortebracci and in the fifteenth century, the city reached its maximum shine, thanks to the figure of Braccio da Montone , great captain, known for his ruthlessness policy which aimed to establish a state only in ‘central Italy and for his ability as a strategist. He followed his exploits his son Charles Fortebracci who fought in the service of the Republic of Venice. In 1473, the Moors driven back from the borders of Veneto, in recompense was a precious relic, a thorn from the crown of Christ. Back in Montone, donated it to the people Arietano and was exposed to the devotion of the faithful in the church of the Friars Minor Conventual. Only two are the exhibitions of the relic during the year: Mondays dell ‘Angelo and the third Sunday of August, where Montone relives the ancient glories of the County of Fortebracci recalling the “Donation of the Holy Thorn” …


The “ Donation of the Holy Thorn “is sponsored by the

“Italian National Commission for UNESCO”


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