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Bridge May 1 Umbria

On May 1 , Labor Day or Feast of Workers , is a celebration shared by many countries and born as a celebration of achievements by workers through the exercise of their rights.12

In Italy the feast falls a few days after the April 25 Bridge and in a few years, thanks to the “happy coincidence” of the two parties, you can take advantage of a few days off to take a break of several days.

The Bridge of the 1st May in Umbria you live enogastronomy and nature that at this time of year offers a preview of the summer to come. Among the events that characterize this period many interesting ideas come from the Province where Ternana May rhymes with Cantamaggio , the event that began as allegorical spring festival and leading the streets of Terni the beloved parades of floats where the various associations and groups that decorate the carts vie for “victory.”

Another traditional event of this period is the one with kites of Color the Skies , now tried and tested event which takes place on the shores of Lake Trasimeno and that each year brings thousands of visitors and onlookers to turn their eyes to the sky to admire the many colors of the balloons and kites.

But May also means gastronomy and it is in this period that are renewed every year appointments with market exhibitions of local products , the food festival and some of the festivals “most delicious”.

For flower lovers also in this period is possible, strolling through the Umbrian villages, admire the various flower shows and exhibitions sector that take place throughout the region, from Castiglione del Lago , in Perugia up in Valnerina .

And finally for outdoor enthusiasts in May is one of the first moments of spring where fans and sports lovers will gather for trips of all kinds: from t rekking outside door , the descents in rafting near the Waterfall Marmore up regattas canoe in Lake Piediluco .

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