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April 25th bridge Umbria

On April 25, Anniversary of the Liberation of Italy also known as Liberation Day, is a celebration with a strong cultural and political but it is also one of the first days of spring holidays where you can often take advantage of a few days of “bridge” to take a short vacation or a trip out of town.offers-bridge-25-April

The Bridge on April 25 in Umbria is often characterized by sunny days and mild climate which serve as an anti wings hottest months of the year; in this period the nature begins its cycle of revival manifesting with the birth of flowers, plants and herbs of various kinds.

In Umbria this is the period of ” go for herbs “, ie the search for wild herbs, rustic and rural edible very popular mainly used in recipes for dishes such as omelets, salads and homemade pasta.

Given the vast tradition that revolves around the field herbs every area and even each country has its own customs, recipes and especially nomenclature regarding herbs. Among the “variety” most loved and appreciated are the burnet, the vitabbia, the caccialepre, the crispigni, the raponzoli but especially asparagus, much used in all areas of Umbria and cooked in every way, whether boiled, which stews that even raw.

Sometimes the collection of herbs also becomes a way to take a walk outdoors and start breathing the spring air. In many areas of Umbria, this is also the period of the first summer festivals in which you make the dress rehearsal for “hot months” of gastronomic events in Umbria.

For lovers of hiking this is the right time to organize outings maybe the lake (Trasimeno or Piediluco, depending on your taste) or even in the beautiful towns that Umbria offers where among typical markets and picturesque lanes can discover the charm of this region.


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